"Summer Safari" Summer Camp Package
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"Summer Safari" Summer Camp Package

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Maximize your summertime interactions with your potential future preschool clients!



    • 5 days of camp outlines, designed for 3 hour camps. (5 unique 45 minute ballet lesson plans included for each day)

    • 3 pieces of simple choreography

    • craft ideas

    • 10 downloadable color sheets

    • dance activity/game ideas

    • book & movie suggestions

    • music playlist

    • certificate of participation

    • parent invitation to end-of-week mini show-case

    • considerations before advertising

    • ideas for decorating the dance space

    • Our expertise! 


Note: Our camps are set-up for 3 hours/day, for 5 days of instruction; however, the outlines are flexible and can be adjusted if your camps are shorter or longer!

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